Pressure Treated Workshop Information

Our Presure Treated Workshops comes in a variety of different sizes and option
to suit your needs. Please find below some of the main features in more
detailed description

Workshop  Doors

The doors on our Workshops come as a 5ft pair. The doors are fully ledged and braced and boarded using 15mm finished tongue and groove match-board. The timber used on the door frame is 44mm x 69 mm and all joints are glued and screwed. All timbers used on the door are pressure treated using latest generation tanalith e for protection.

Heavy Duty Brenton Pad Bolt

All our pressure treated workshops are supplied with a heavy duty brenton pad bold. The pad bolt is strong and sturdy and is fixed into position using the latest technologhy security screws. Together with the hook & bank hinges, this makes an almost impossible job for anyone wanting to break into your workshop.


Galvanised Hook & Band Hinges

On all pressure treated workshops we use 3 pair of galvanised cranked hook & band hinges.As the hinges are fixed into position with security screws and then bolted on to the door face, it is an almost impossible task for anyone thinking of breaking into your workshop..These hinges provide excellent security unlike traditional face hinges which can easily be unscrewed.


Toughened Glass

All our premium workshops come with toughened glass.The glass is silicone into the window rebate and finished with square beading, sealing the glass into place. The difference between normal glass and toughened is that toughened is tempered. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury.


Planed and Round Edge Timber Throughout

All the framework used throughout our workshop is tanalised with a finished size of 33mm x 69mm. All joints of the shed framework are screwed together and extra uprights are used throughout the construction of the building with braces in each corner. The timber used for the framework is a Scandinavian redwood which is planed and round edged.


15mm Tongue and Grooved Shiplap Boarding

All our premium workshops are boarded using 15mm tongue and groove shiplap. Tongue and groove cladding is where the building wood interlocks rather than overlaps. It connects the same way as laminate flooring. The benefits of this are that it creates a strengthened panel which will give you a strong, reliable shed. Our tongue and groove timber offers a design that gives added protection to wear and tear and water prevention. It creates a more strengthened shed than overlap cladding and our cladding designs have a run off point at the area which the wood interlocks further reducing the chance of water entering the wood panels. This ensures that your shed has greater protection against wood rot and swelling.

Unique Air Vent System

All our Premium workshops come with a unique air vent system similar to the ones used in the construction of home building. The roof on each building overhangs the frame of the shed by 90mm, which allows a soffit board with a air vent to be fitted to roof on the front and back. Because our buildings are built so watertight the air vent is required to help with circulation of air on the inside of the building.



The roofs on all of our pressure treated workshops are built using 9mm OSB boarding nailed on to an internal roof frame.This kind construction helps strengthen and secure the roof into position.On the outside of the roof we use Black Onduline roofing sheets which helps protect the exterior of the roof and ensures a watertight seal.



The floor on each of our premium buildings is built using 15mm tongue and groove match-boarding which is inter-locked and then nailed onto 44mm x 44mm floor bearers. All floor bearers and matchboard used on our floors are pressure treated with tanalith e which helps give protection against rot and insect attack.

Timber Type Scandinavian Redwood
Timber Thickness 15mm Tongue and groove tanalised redwood
Floor Joist 15mm match board on 44mm x 44mm bearers
Roof Board 9mm OSB
Roof Covering Black Onduline
Security Hook & Bank Hinges, Brenton Bolt, Security screws
Windows included Fixed windows with toughened glass, extras available
Doors 5ft Pair Door
All sizes are approximate

**Please note

As all of our buildings are manufactured to order and the lead time for all orders will be approximately 4 - 6 weeks

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